Anxiety Education Program for Children and Youth

12-Week Group Program for Children, Youth, and Families

If you believe that your child is beginning to struggle with challenging situations, or just want to equip your child with a better ability to manage their own stress, these groups can help.

Ripple Effect is excited to partner with Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning in offering a new group program for children and families focusing on preventing and reducing anxiety. These groups will assist children to learn skills to regulate their emotions and improve their ability to cope with challenges and stress. The program includes parent education components to assist families in supporting their child.

Many children experience worry and fear at some point. However, for some children these can become a serious and ongoing problem that interferes with their school performance, family and peer relationships, and overall well-being. In fact, mood and anxiety disorders are the most common form of mental health problem in Canada (CMHA, 2017).

The Ripple Effect Program is specifically designed to give children and youth the skills and knowledge they need to better manage fear and worry before they turn into a more serious concern. This will also help them be better prepared to cope with future challenges as they arise. Through our 12 week educational group program, participants learn specific, individualized techniques to take control of their own thoughts, feelings, and bodily responses to stress, and develop personal tool kits to help transfer this learning to their daily lives.

Each group session is 90 minutes in length, and is conducted at the Lakeshore campus of Humber College.

Wondering how you can help your child with their anxiety?

Included with the group package, parents and guardians are offered knowledge and strategies to support the child in utilizing the techniques to gain control of anxiety. This is done through:

  •  Individual introductory session with the child and family, to better understand your and your child’s specific concerns.
  • Two educational group sessions for parents, covering the latest advancements in understanding of anxiety, and ways to support children through challenging situations.
  • Individual planning session following the group program, to review progress and plan for future supports, if necessary.

Is the Ripple Effect Anxiety Education Program right for your child?

The techniques learned in the program can be useful in helping anyone that wants to gain a greater sense of control of their own responses to stressful situations. However, some children may be at greater risk of developing a mood or anxiety disorder in the future if they:

· Have experienced a negative or traumatic event (significant loss, accident, illness, etc.).

· Have an especially nervous, timid, or shy temperament.

· Have a family member with a history of mood or anxiety disorder.


Cost: The Ripple Effect Anxiety Education Program costs $1250.00 per child. Many benefit packages will cover or reduce this expense as a paramedical service.

For more details about the specific, evidence-based elements incorporated into the Ripple Effect approach, please click here